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A blog: " De Borda abroad."  From Belfast to Beijing and beyond... and back. Starting in Vienna with the TEDx talk, I go by bus and/or train for more debates in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Tehran, before flying - sorry about that - to Urumqi in Xīnjiāng, followed by more debates in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Taiwan... but not in Pyongyang. Then back via Mongolia (where I was an election observer last year) and Moscow (where I worked in the '80s).

I have my little fold-up Brompton with me - surely the best way of exploring any new city! So I fly hardly at all; I go by train, boat or bus if possible, and then cycle wherever in each new venue; and all with just one plastic water bottle... or that was the intention!

The story is on:  https://debordaabroad.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/de-borda-abroad/


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The Hospital for Incurable Protestants

The Mémoire of a Collapsed Catholic

 This is the story of a pacifist in a conflict zone, in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.  Only in e-format, but only £5.15.  Available from Amazon.



About us

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The de Borda Institute aims to promote the use of inclusive voting procedures on all contentious questions of social choice.

This applies specifically to decision-making, be it for the electorate in regional/national polls, for their elected representatives in councils and parliaments, for members of a local community group, for members of a company board, for members of a co-operative, and so on.




The director alongside the statue of Jean-Charles de Borda, capitaine et savant, in l’École Navale in Brest, 24.9.2010. Photo by Gwenaelle Bichelot. 

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Won by One

Welcome to the home page of the de Borda Institute, a Northern Ireland-based international organisation (an NGO) which aims to promote the use of inclusive voting procedures on all contentious questions of social choice. For more information use the menu options above or feel free to contact the organisation's headquarters. If you want to check the meaning of any of the terms used, then by all means have a look at this glossary.

As shown in these attachments, there are many voting procedures for use in decision-making and even more electoral systems.  This is because, in decision-making, there is usually only one outcome; but with some electoral systems, as in any proportional ones, there can be several winners.  Sometimes, for any one voters' profile - that is, the set of all their preferences - the outcome of any count may well depend on the voting procedure used.  In this very simple example of a few voters voting on just four options, and in these two hypothetical examples on five, (word document) or (power-point) in which a few cast their preferences on five options, the profiles are analysed according to different methodologies, and the winner could be any one of all the options.  Yet all of these methodologies are called democratic!  Extraordinary!

Press Releases

The prescient one on Brexit is Number 7, shown below in a larger font.

74) 4.11.2019  Fake Post-Truth Polling

73) 26.9.2019  Because it was binary... the 2016 referendum was a silly question.

71) 1.7.2019  The next elected dictator

70) 21.6.2019  Tactical Voting in Tory Election - Preference Voting for Beginners

69) 4.6.2019  Brexit - an Analysis

67) 24.5.2019  Compromise

66) 20.5.2019  Single-preference Voting Favours the Extremists

65) 13.5.2019  Liverpool wins the League

64)  6.5.2019  Everything on the Table? And an MBC?

61)  4.5.2019  J-C de Borda, the solution to Brexit

60)  6.4.2019  The Brexit Solution: A 'Preferendum'

59)  4.4.2019  Indicative Votes: Best done with Preference Voting

                      and its attachment is Indicative Votes

58)  4.4.2019  Won by One, Another One

57) 2.4.2019  A Majority Vote may sometimes produce an Incorrect Outcome

56) 31.3.2019 Compromise and Reconciliation

55) 30.3.2019  Monday's Preference Votes

51) 28.3.2019  House of Commons Throws out Perfect Compromise

50) 26.3.2019 Binary Votes   Mondays'are Orwellian

49) 25.3.2019 Inidicative Votes

48) 18.3.2019 Meaningful votes mean less and less

47) 5.3.2019  Is majority voting democratic? Would preferential points voting be more democratic?

45)  18.2 2019  Brexit: Botched and now Butchered in Binary Balloting

42)  22.1.2019  Social Cohesion?  A Binary Referendum could threaten it...

41)  19.1.2019 Sir John Major calls for Preferential Voting in Parliament 

40)  16.1.2019  Forging a Consensus

39)  18.12.2018  An Indicative Vote  

38)  12.12.2018  Basic Democratic Contradictions

37)  10.12.2018  Brext - We need a Compromise

36)   8.12.2018  Make Politics Polite (Again)

34) 3.12.2018  Daft.  Taking majority votes on umpteen amendments is daft.

32) 29.11.2018 If, however, no option has majority support...

        plus attachment.

30)   26.11.2018  The de Borda Institute calls on Sinn Féin to vote on Brexit

29)   15.11.2018  If there's no majority for anything, no majority votes on anything

28)    6.11.2018  Brexit and four options

27)    6.11.2018  Brexit: a fair and 'meaningful' decision.

25)  20.9.2018 Majoritarianism - de Borda Abroad

24)  2.8.2018 Multi-option referendums

23)  16.7.2018 Justine Greening calls for multi-option referendum

22)  10.7.2018 Brexit and Boris

21)  2.5.2018 Brexit was, and Brexit is, multi-optional

20)  16.1.2018 Ireland's Citizens' Assembly calls for multi-option voting

19)  2.1.2018 A New Year resoliution: on contentious topics, no more 'yes-or-no?' votes.

18)  6.10.17 Problems of Political Patronage

17)  5.9.17 Brexit 'hard' or 'soft'

16)  18.4.17 Electing the NI Executive

15)  16.4.17 Turkey

14)  5.3.17 Forming a new Executive

13)  3.3.17 NI elections fail to comply with international standards

12)  2.3.17 NI elections

11)  21.2.17 Democratic Decision-Making

10) 16.2 17 The Will of the Peo ple... or the Will o' the Wisp?

9) 1.12.16 Italian referendum asks the wrong question

8) 3.11.16 Another Lesson of Brexit

7) 5.2.16 Brexit: Ask the Wrong Question, Get the Wrong Answer

6) 11.5.15 Call on SNP to adfopt PR for Westminster elections

5) 7.5.15 The Confidence of the House... or its Consensus

4) 6.5.15 If Parlliament be Hung...

3) 3.5.15 Minority Administration or Majority Coalition

2)   7.3.15 Should the SNP or DUP tail wag the dog?

1)   23.8.10 Leading the debate on Electoral Reform